Studio Policies

Please read carefully as some of these may have changed from previous years.


*Each dancer must pay a $25.00 registration fee in fall and $15.00 registration fee in summer.

Tuition Fees & Payments

Tuition fees are paid by month or annually. After you have registered, all monthly fees are paid by automatic bank account debit or automatic credit card payment. All tuition will be debited on the 1st of the month. All other mandatory fees will also be debited from the above institutions unless prior payment arrangements have been made.

*We are required to have an automatic debit on file for every client even if you plan to pay ahead each month.


There are unlimited family discounts available to those who reach a certain amount of hours. You can receive a 5% discount if you pay for the entire year in advance. If you receive a pay ahead agreement discount, you will receive no refund if you drop at any point throughout the year. The pay ahead agreement discount is not available to summit dance company members.

NSF Payments

All payments that are returned for NSF or declined payments will receive a $35.00 return fee, which must be paid within 30 days. This is for automatic payments with cards or checks, as well as payments made in person.

Withdrawal From Classes

All classes that you are wishing to drop require a one-month notice to discontinue automatic payments. To withdraw a parent must 1) inform the studio in person and sign the withdrawal form, OR 2) email us so we have it in writing. All automatic bank or credit charges will stop after the one-month notice period. The drop has to be in writing in some form. You may also transfer and change classes at any time as long as the level is approved.

Rescheduling & Substitution

Summit Dance Words provides the right to provide a substitute for a class if the teacher is ill or unable to teach. SDW reserves the right to cancel or combine classes at anytime.


Summit Dance Works does not refund any payment that has been made UNLESS a class has been cancelled due to low enrollment and you choose to not switch to a different class. Once any fee has been ran through the automatic payment system, it is non-refundable. Please keep this in mind if you are wanting to pay in advance for specific charges.


Consistent attendance is vital to a dancer’s progress and retention. Please make every effort to attend each class. Students may make up missed classes until April 1st. If you miss more than two of the final eight classes before recital, you may be dismissed from participating in the recital routine at the discretion of the teacher.

Company members have a different attendance policy

Lost and Found

Our lost and found baskets are located in the back of the building. These baskets are organized by type of items that were found. Please check the lost and found regularly as items are donated frequently to goodwill. Summit Dance Works is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.


At Summit Dance Works our goal is to keep you as informed as possible and up to date on all upcoming events and policies using the following:

Email Blasts
Front Office Staff answers emails and phone calls daily

Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather, Summit Dance Works will issue a message on the studio answering machine, through email, and on facebook by 1:30PM regarding the status of classes. Please note that we will not always close if school districts close as roads are sometime clear by 4:00 when classes begin. Any cancelled classes may be made up on your own time from our regular schedule of classes. In the event that a make up class is not available, a replacement class will be scheduled. If District 20 or District 49 has a 2 hour delay or is closed, any classes before 3:00PM will automatically be cancelled.

Costumes & Alterations

All classes have a costume unless noted on the schedule.

Costumes will be ordered by December 1st and will not be refunded once paid for. Costumes will not be ordered unless payment is received in full. Students are measured for costumes in November and they will be delivered between January and April. If the costume does not fit, we are able to exchange within one week of receiving it at no cost to you or will alter it to fit your dancer. If a dancer grows from original measurements, there may be an additional cost to you.


We always end our annual season with our fully-staged, professional Recital. We encourage, but do not require participation. Final recital information will be out in March. There are multiple shows in the same day.

Tickets are sold at $12.00 a piece and will be sold online at Tickets are assigned seating and are first come, first serve. Tickets will be sold up until May 1st for $12.00 and after that for $15.00.

Tickets will be available at the door for $15.00 a piece and will be first come, first served for seats that are left over.
All families will have a recital fee of $55.00. Recital fee helps cover the faculty and venue for our huge event. This fee is due in March.

Parental Supervision

Parents are responsible for supervision of all siblings, family members, and dancers at all times. If your dancer is here longer than 1 hour, please refrain from too many people staying at the studio. It is very distracting for dancers and teachers that are in class.

Late Pick Up Policy

Please be at the studio to pick up your dancer on time. A $10.00 courtesy charge will be charged to you for a staff member having to watch your child for longer than 10 minutes past their class.

Studio Cleanliness

Dancers and their families are expected to help keep the studio clean at all times. Please help your dancers pick up after themselves as well as use the appropriate trash cans. There is no soda allowed in the studio at all.

Entering Classroom

Dancers are not allowed to be in the studio without a teacher present in the classroom. Please keep the dancers in the hallway until they have been invited in. Parents are not allowed to enter the room at anytime unless a teacher has instructed you to do so.

***Parents are not allowed to critique their dancers or talk to their dancers while they are in class unless a teacher requests you to do so.

Faculty Contact

Please do not talk to faculty in between class times. They are very busy and do not have time to make sure they are giving you the absolute correct answers in that small time frame. All questions, comments, or concerns need to be directed to the front office staff. They will make sure that it gets to the right person. Faculty has been instructed to not talk to clients without the Executive Director present.

Parking Lot

Summit Dance Works recommends never leaving anything valuable in your car while it is parked outside the studio. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Class Placement

All teachers will provide students with a “Class Placement” card at the end of the season. This will help inform you on what class to place your dancer in next year. Class changes and advancement must have teacher approval. The front office staff will also have a copy of the placements in case you misplace your card.

Open Enrollment

Summit Dance Works practices a policy of open enrollment. Students are accepted into class without regard to sex, race, religion, or nationality. It is our mission to provide every student with a fun and safe family atmosphere plus a well-rounded dance experience.

Tuition Adjustment

There is NO tuition adjustment due to the length of the month, inclement weather, vacation closures, holidays, or student absences. Dancers are welcome to make up classes that they miss as long as it is the same level or a level below class. Dancers can’t make up classes in recital performing classes as of April 1st.


Danceworks accepts the following: