Youth Dance Classes Ages 7+

All 7+ aged classes will require a leveling recommendation by a SDW teacher. You will either be placed in this class from your previous season with us or you will attend a leveling class where the teacher will determine your correct level.

Explanation of Levels

Level A – “Beginning”
Level B – “Beginning/Intermediate”
Level C – “Intermediate”
Level D – “Intermediate/Advanced”
Level E – “Advanced”

Graded Technique Classes for Level A-E Available
Acro – Ballet – Tap – Jazz
Graded technique classes follow a set curriculum for every dancer in the class. At the end of each season, a dancer will receive a graded technique checklist back to show the progress made and feedback on how to progress to the next level.

Specialty Classes for Level A-E Available
Lyrical – Musical Theatre – Hip Hop – Pom/Cheer – Dance Team Tech/Combo
Specialty classes are more “combo” based classes and while they still focus on technique, they focus a lot on stylization and learning choreography.  While the graded technique classes help compliment each other and build your technical foundation, specialty classes focus more on one specific style.

Teens Only Classes
Lyrical – Ballet – Hip Hop – Jazz – Tap
Our teens only classes are for dancers who are age 12 and above. These classes are at a beginning through intermediate level for older dancers to start and continue to grow in an environment with dancers in the same age group.

Age 7+ Class Descriptions

Ballet is the “backbone” of all dance training. In ballet the student will learn grace, elegance, technique, discipline, flexibility, stamina, and endurance. We strongly feel that ballet is the most important dance form that a child or adult can study.

Pointe is Ballet executed in pointe shoes designed to allow the dancer to rise beyond demi pointe. I.E. the metatarsal or ball of the foot. The level of technique and strength needed to begin pointe usually occurs at Ballet technique level D.

Jazz is an upbeat style of dance that incorporates fun movements to fast paced movement along with incorporating technique from leaps and turns.

Tap dance is a form of dance characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. Two major variations on tap dance exist: rhythm (jazz) tap and Broadway tap. Broadway tap focuses on dance; it is widely performed in musical theater.

A form of gymnastics that focuses on more of an artistic approach. This includes flexibility, limbering, tumbling, and a more graceful style. It is a strength and flexibility based class.

Musical Theatre
Musical Theatre dance combines hit songs from Broadway musicals and shows and jazz dancing. Dancers learn how to multitask with lip-syncing, dancing, and acting.

Lyrical and Contemporary dance combine jazz and ballet. Lyrical dancing consists of slow movement that is pretty and flowy. Contemporary dance is more of a creative movement that explores different ways to move muscles in your body.

Hip Hop
A funky, fast-paced style of dance that is fun for all ages, levels, and genders. Focusing a lot on music video moves, house dancing, breakdancing, and more – this style is fun for anyone who joins the class.

Dance Team and Tech
This class is for middle and high school level dancers who are looking to build their technique to help them be on the pom and/or dance team at their school. With a focus on technique and strength building, this class will also help dancers learn how to pick up choreography,

This class is for elementary to middle school level dancers who are looking to learn the fundamentals of pom/cheer dance teams. With a focus on technique and strength building, this class will also help dancers learn how to pick up choreography while working with pom pons.